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    I have just wasted half an hour clicking through new members’ logins trying to weed out the people who couldn’t be bothered to read the instructions and therefore didn’t know that you need to give yourself a nickname that doesn’t identify you.

    More importantly, your screen name should not lead indirectly to the identification of the people you or other Flatchatters are about to insult, defame or criticise.

    OK, if you want your Username – the one you log in with – to be easy to remember, use your real name or even your email address.  I don’t care because no one will see it.

    But your screen name or nickname could identify you to anyone reading this website, and by extension your neighbours, your strata manager and anyone else about whom you may wish to have a free and frank discussion.

    What you should be doing – is to come up with a nickname that reflects your character or your issues or even just your wacky sense of humour.  As long as it’s not obscene or insulting, go for your life.

    But if you put your real name or email address as your screen name, I will change it to something stupid or mildly insulting (just to amuse myself).  Then you can change it  to something more appropriate by logging into your profile.

    But really, it’s much easier if you just get it right at the beginning.


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