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    Hi everyone,

    I’m new to Flat Chat and I created an account so I can post this question.

    I have just inspected an apartment that has 4 bedrooms, but the floor plan does not show the fourth bedroom. This is a split level apartment, the fourth bedroom is on the second floor.

    The strata plan that is attached to the contract also does not show the area where the fourth bedroom should be (i.e. it is just blank). It doesn’t show up as part of the lot, but it also isn’t shown as common property – again, that area is just blank.

    Of course, the fourth bedroom is reflected in the purchase price.

    I am concerned that because this fourth bedroom doesn’t show up in the strata plan, this means I won’t actually have ‘title’ to that fourth bedroom. It is kind of like a ‘no man’s land’.

    Would anyone know what would happen to that fourth bedroom?  Who has title to it? And also is it possible to get the strata plan amended to include it as part of my lot.

    Any responses are appreciated even if you may not have the direct answer.


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