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      A motion is put forward for a general meeting proposed by several owners A, B & C.  One of the proposers then informs the committee they are withdrawing the motion.  What should happen next?

      1) The motion is withdrawn and not put on the agenda for the meeting, because of one the proposers has withdrawn?

      2) The motion is kept on the Agenda as originally drafted because all of the other proposers have not withdrawn it – but then how can a motion be put that reads “Proposed by Owner A, Owner B and Owner C” when Owner C has formally withdrawn the motion?

      3) The motion is put to the next available meeting, but in a slightly modified form removing references to Owner C (who has withdrawn) ?

      4) Some other outcome?

      I.e. if one co-proposer withdraws a motion, while the other proposers continue to wish to have a motion put forward, does the motion go forward to the meeting regardless, or should the proposers re-submit their motions in a modified form to reflect who is now actually proposing the motion?

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      Sir Humphrey

        So, just check with A and B whether they still want to put the proposal. If it is unclear whether C is speaking only for C or for all the proponents, find out.

        If papers have already been produced and distributed, the chair can just say at the meeting that C has withdrawn their support for the motion while inviting A or B to speak to their motion.


          In NSW Schedule 1 part 2 refers to a motion being put to the meeting by a singular person.

          So to be exact to the law, only one person can propose a motion.

          Thst does not prevent multiple people proposing the same motion.

          So in this case, the motion proposed by three people is not in accordance with the act ( though it would be a brave chairman to stand on this point).

          And in this case, the withdrawal of one proposer of the motion would not automatically withdraw the motion, because the act considers that each individual has proposed the same motion , separate to any other proposer.

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