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      A member of the Strata Committee (“SC”) called for a SC Meeting under the Act. The call was made via email to all of the Officers (Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary) and the Strata Manager, with cc to all other SC members

      The call was supported by two other SC Members via email so the call for the SC Meeting was made by 1/3 of the SC. The call was ignored by the Officers and the Strata Manager representative until it was followed up 3 days later.

      The Secretary at first claimed there was confusion over whether it was for an ‘informal meeting’ or an SC Meeting under the Act. Other excuses then followed such as the other SC members are entitled to add agenda items. No one said they couldn’t. It was clear from the beginning none of the Officers wanted to discuss the matters of concern.

      IMO the Secretary and Chairman have breached the Strata Act. The Secretary for not fulfilling any of the required tasks to schedule the SC Meeting and the Chairman for not ensuring the Secretary fulfilled the tasks.

      Am I correct, and if so, what formal avenues of complaint are there?

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