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    My rear door and balcony fronts onto the OC garden so when it was self-managed I took care of the garden growth on a voluntary basis. For free, in Victoria. No one complained.

    So when this 10-unit OC thought to give external management a go, that’s when garden issues became complicated by the manager using his own gardeners to make some easy money (I had inserted the word political but decided against it).

    The issue with this manager and his crew is that it is my perception they do the least amount of work for the maximum amount of money. That is the common practice. Leaf blowing in particular. One hour of leaf blowing even with no leaves to blow – every fortnight. My suggestion  now to myself is that I take note of the duration of time and work done and post it into a table of works performed for online viewing by OC. Probably under the OC Comedy section. Another better way is to install CCTV and measure the date, duration and works performed.


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    Gardening contracts are often let on the basis that the contractor will maintain the gardens, rather than on an hourly basis.

    The price is a yearly figure, paid every month. Some months they spend a lot of time,some months little.

    An alternative is to pay the contractor by the hour. You can be sure that they will maximise the hours to maximise the pay.

    There is no right or wrong contract to have. Each form has its pros and cons for the vendor and the purchaser.

    I understand it’s hard to see someone paid for work you did for free previously. But perhaps it’s better to enjoy the time that has been freed up for you.

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