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    One of the benefits of having worked as a newspaper sub-editor for about 200 years is that I can often spot a writer’s style without even knowing why.

    Today those alarm bells rang and I discovered one Flatchatter who was posting under two different names – an absolute no-no on this website.

    So I confirmed that the IP addresses were the same, and I wrote to both his email addresses asking him to stop and to nominate under which of his noms de plume he would like us to put all his posts.

    His response was to change his IP address, presumably using a VPN, and then – crime of crimes – respond to one of his own original posts.

    So he is gone now.  One of the minor irritations that afflict web editors like me.  Not as big a threat as Russian hackers, but a bloody nuisance all the same.

    I’m sure he’ll be back with a new email address through a different IP, to prove his intellectual superiority.

    He should go on ebay, see if he can get a life.

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