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      Our grounds maintenance guys contractor (x3) has replaced himself with a new guy from the same franchise group, unbeknown to residents, and maybe the committee, to continue in the role. The contract has long since expired but while the job was being done, albeit poorly, we tolerated the generally poor job being done.

      My first impression on meeting the new guys is he’s ill-equipped to do the job (‘I don’t have a ride on mower so will need to get someone else to do it’) and his offsider seems to have a bit of a crack or meth habit – with the usual hoppy, twitchy, bit sketchy bro attributes. That may or may not be wrong but neither impressed me at all.

      If I’m correct and there is a drug issue it would present a performance, and potential security issue, that I know some of the single women who live here will be unaccepting of. I don’t want that here either.

      I was previously looking to have the contract re-tendered with added to/improved contents, and I’m wondering what folks may suggest to do regarding all this.

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