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      It’s rare that we are inspired to quote Shakespeare, even as we strut and fret upon the strata stage. But there’s a story in Domain in the Sydney Morn
      [See the full post at: Fake news clickbait over ‘neighbour from Hell’]

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        I’ve read the article in Flat Chat about the person in the UK and noise etc.

        But even in NSW, there is noise over which we have no control, eg children, babies living close by.

        I had been happily living in a studio apartment in the inner city for many years, until a woman moved in above me with a noisy 2-year-old and my life changed abruptly.
        Nothing I could do through the Building Manager or Strata had any control over this. It eventually affected my health so badly that I had to move (at 77 years of age).
        It was suggested that I go to the Tribunal but the stress involved and aggression of this neighbour made that difficult. And the reviews I read about NCAT averaged 1 star out of 5, so that didn’t fill me with hope.
        Please don’t assume that all we have to do about noise is get it fixed through Strata or the Tribunal. It is possible to have uncontrollable noise in an apartment in NSW.
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