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    Each unit in our light industrial complex has exit lights front/back, fire extinguishers front/back, a hose reel and hydrant.

    Some unit owners/tennants have added extra fire extinguishers, fire blankets, exit lights, etc.

    The AFSS guys want everything in the building to be compliant – so if an owner or tennant has added a fire extinguisher and it’s out of date they want it replaced before they will issue the AFSS.

    Who should be paying for that? I think the owner/tennant should be if it’s not part of the “standard” fire safety equipment. The problem is they issue us the quote and won’t give us the AFSS until it is fixed.

    Any thoughts? We’re in NSW.

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    Instruct the tenants to remove the non-compliant equipment as a matter of urgency, or replace it with equipment that will pass muster.  Then tell them quietly that they can always return the equipment once the certificate has been issued.

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