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    I have finally bitten the bullet and reversed the flow of all the posts on this website – let’s say for a trial period – so you can see the original question at the top and follow the debate from beginning to end.

    I apologise to those who thought this was not a good idea but let’s give it a spin and if it doesn’t work, we will go back to the original method.

    To help you navigate your way through the extended maze, you can use the little folded arrow symbols to go to the bottom or the top of each post and, of course, the latest post list on the right hand side to find the newest take on each issue.

    Meanwhile, let’s try not to go off topic as that just makes each thread longer and more convoluted.  If a discussion sparksa different question, please start a new topic but by all means cross-refer using the LINK button.

    Thanks … JimmyT

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