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      We have generally been unhappy with our Strata Management team.  We’ve had about 5 changes of Manager in the last 24 months.

      The last one we had we really liked but it appears she has moved on.  Does anyone know how I can track her down? She does not have LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram, and I’ve searched under her name.

      Do you think the Strata Community Association would have her details and be prepared to share mine with her.  We will probably leave the currently SM company as not been impressed and everything gone downhill over the last 15 years I have been SC member.

      How can you track/find the Strata Manager after she has moved on?



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        I just looked at the SCA website and they have a directory of names but it’s in company names not individuals.

        You could do the following:

        1. Go to the Contact Us button on the SCA website and email your concern; or

        2. Call the SCA and say you understand she worked as a strata manager but you don’t know where. The SCA may or may not have her details depending on whether she’s a member of the SCA; and

        3. I would not volunteer your strata plan details or that you’re unhappy with your current manager, who if he’s a member of the SCA, why would the SCA help you dismiss him?

        As to your unhappiness with your strata manager. Do not assume the next manager will be any better.

        Good luck!


          I doubt very much if the SCA will provide you with her details but they might pass on your details to her, if they know where she is, and invite her to contact you.

          Otherwise scour your emails for any from her that contain her mobile number (possibly inadvertently).  Mobile numbers tend to go with the person, rather than the company.

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        Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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