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    Hi fchat56,

    As a Respondent, I’d greatly appreciate your “workaround” for my upcoming NCAT hearing – please do share.

    Many thanks

    Jo Cooper

    NCAT is in serious need of a royal commission. And the new Minister is not interested in hearing all the bullying and misconduct that goes on in strata. The 139 recommendations from the strata reform do little to address any of the real day to day issues that strata owners experience. The entire system is broken, and the government don’t seem concerned that this impacts thousands of owners


    I don’t disagree but when you look at the criteria for establishing Royal Commissions in the past – obvious abuses and continuing public displeasure – I don’t think we’d get one. The abuses aren’t obvious to anyone but the people suffering them and the majority of people don’t give a damn.

    However, there is an election just over a year away and if you can get  enough supporters, you could register a Strata Party (hey, if Shooters and Fishers can do it …) and get someone into the Upper House to cause a stir.

    BTW, I was asked many years ago if I would be interested in running as the leader of a new Strata Party but the proposer and I disagreed on the first item of policy that came up.  Bullet dodged.

    Strata Answers
    (from NSW)

    I know saying that NCAT needs reform is preaching to the converted, but it highlights how the current batch of reforms to the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 is just tinkering around the edges.

    The reality is that Strata Committees and Strata Managers can ride roughshod over the wishes of owners using well established tricks to avoid transparency – unhelpful access to records, paper EGM’s sprung at short notice, owner  motions ruled out of order, First AGM’s with BM and SM contracts pushed through bemused owners etc – and the only recourse that owners  have is to NCAT. Few owner applicants to NCAT would have got any satisfaction even if they had the stamina for the waiting and process.

    We need to rethink reform of the Strata Schemes Management Act, not in terms of what strata committees and owners corporations will permit, but rather around what practical protection and recourse it can provide for strata owners where transparency is lacking or process abused. In practice a “You can take it  to NCAT” response will never be adequate.

    John Hutchinson
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