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    The most direct and useful way to do this – because you are alerted whenever someone replies – is to Register and then log In.  If you are already registered, just log in. You register only once but log in every time you want to post.
    Go to the Forum Home Page and choose a sub-forum that’s most closely related to your issue.

    Click on the heading for that forum then click on Create New Topic.

    Write a short headline that gets to the nub of your problem but isn’t just a tag.  For instance, “Neighbour parking” tells us nothing whereas “my neighbour is parking in my spot”  tells us precisely what the question is about.  But don’t try to tell the whole story in the headline;  “I am having a long-running battle with my neighbour and they have started parking in my spot” is information that belongs in the post.

    Then write your post

    Don’t use legalese, even (especially) if you are a lawyer, initials or acronyms – not everyone shares your vocabulary of shortened forms. NCAT or VCAT are fine,  but otherwise, at least spell the organisation’s name the first time like this “… the strata committee (SC) …then you can use the initials afterwards.

    Don’t name companies, individuals, strata schemes or even yourself.  Anonymity is our shield.

    “Subscribe” to the topic and you will be alerted every time someone responds.

    Posting anonymously is the best way to get good advice from a variety of sources, including interstate Flatchatters.

    If you are registered but have difficulty with the Forum send me an email (click on the Contact button on the top menu) and I can post a question for you anonymously.  Otherwise I could post it as a “mailbox” item (again anonymously) but you won’t be able to subscribe.

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    Just don’t.  Read the “How to post” content above.

    If you do post here, your message will be deleted.

    Harsh, yes. But we don’t have time to move your stuff around if you can’t be bothered to read the instructions.

    Seem fair? (Don’t answer …)

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