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      After a number of incidents on common property CCTV was sought to identify the culprit. This was resisted by the committee and eventually wound up at NCAT. The building was represented by a particular strata committee member except towards the end when a solicitor was engaged. Without going into details the solicitor confirmed the CCTV had to be handed over. A succesful outcome.

      It turns out that the strata committee member representing the owners corporation at NCAT is responsible for these incidents.

      This person used their position as a member of the strata committee and the resources of the owners corporation in an attempt to cover up their actions. I’m struggling however to find how this would best be described and dealt with?

      To pre-empt any suggestions the committee is as thick as thieves so there is no assistance there. As to owners this is strata land and most pay no attention to anything or even turn up to meetings so there is no chance of having this person removed.

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