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    There are two very simple ways of keeping up with discussions on this forum. You will see a couple of buttons on the posts that you are reading, allowing you to “Watch” or Subscribe”.

    Clicking ‘Watch’ on a topic means that when you come back to the forum later you can click on a “Watching” button that will display a list of topics that you have selected and which have new posts since you last read them.

    You would use this for general areas of interest that you want to follow now and again.

    Clicking the “Subscribe” button means you will get an email telling you that there is a new post in that topic.  You would use that for a specific discussion that you want to keep up with or where you have posted a question and want an answer.

    You can click on “Stop watching” or “Unsubscribe” when you are reading the selected topics if you no longer want to follow them.

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