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    A failure in one of the plug-ins that we (used to ) use has resulted in people not being able to use the “Forgotten Password” system for logging in.  Repeated attempts then make it seem to the website that you are trying to by-pass the firewall and sometimes you get locked out.

    Inevitably, some genuine users have been caught in the net.  If you are one of them, my apologies.

    After a few hours of bashing my head off my computer, you should now be able to follow the processes available to you on the panel to the top right of the screen (in glorious green).

    If that doesn’t work , or if you have any other concerns about logging in or registering, please send me a message to
    mail[at]flatchat.com.au (where [at] = @) and I will get you back on board.

    Apologies again for all the hassles but we have literally thousands of genuine users on this website and prtotecting it is also protecting you.

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