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    I live in a three lot strata situation. I own Lots 1 and 2 which is a freestanding old house (previously divided in half). Lot 3 is also a freestanding house. I wish to combine Lots 1 and 2 back into one lot which requires only the demolition of a bricked up doorway.The owner of Lot 3 has approved this by way of a bylaw although he doesn’t want to subdivide the Strata. Can anyone please advise how best to go about this or has had experience as I have had mixed replies from authorities and surveyors as to what is required

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    Why do you want to make lots 1 and 2 one lot? It’s unlikely thst your share of the expenses will change.

    If you ever sell your two lots, the seller gets two titles.

    Its not unusual for a single property to have two titles. Many older buildings have one title for the living areas, and separate title for the garage.

    If you ever want to sell it as two separate properties, you don’t have to go through an expensive and complex process to unwind.

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