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      Our strata levy (nearly $2000 a quarter for a 3-bedroom unit) is very high for quite some time now. We’ll have our AGM in about 10 days. I am not a committee member. I want it to be lowered. What would be the best way of going about it? Should I raise it in the AGM or do I need to make a proposal beforehand?

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        You say you want them lowered.

        Based on what? You just don’t like them?

        There may be reasons why they are high. Have you looked at the budgets? Have you examined the Admin fund to  see where money is being spent? Have you looked at the capital works budget to see what was spent there?

        Have you looked at the 10 year plan for the building to see upcoming capital works which will need funds?

        As to strata roll, they are not always accurate in terms of email addresses etc. You may see an owners name but not always much after that.

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