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    I just read the post here – but am not clearer on a balcony questin we have please: http://www.flatchat.com.au/forced-sales-process-explained/.

    Our building of 15, 10 are water facing and 5 street (rear) facing. The front added balconies 8 years ago (and took up masses expense of communal waterfront lawn with no compensation, that’s another story). 

    The rear 5 would love to add balcony for a) amenity and b) if placed on the side, give us all immediate water views, so great added value. There is one dissenter/non-occupier who won’t agree, the other 4 are very keen. Is it possible to enforce a 75% rule here? 

    I asked my strata company endlessly and finally received an answer: 

    “You can’t force someone to pay for a balcony that they don’t own to pay for. This expense would not be a body corporate expense therefore the 75% vote would not be enforceable here.”

    Could you please if this is accurate? I think they mean “don’t own’ as in it doesn’t exist yet?

    Many thanks ,

    Balcony Befuddled. 

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