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      I have run a committee scheme in NSW of 12 lots as a proxy on my mother’s behalf as she is incapable of understanding the ins and outs of her Strata.

      Each year I trot off to the AGM with the signed  proxy form and get elected to run the show.

      I am also my mother’s Enduring Power Of Attorney and she is now in a position where she is incapable of understanding anything at all to do with strata at all due to physical decline and dementia.

      The question is can I simply show up as her POA and get elected or do I still have to to fill out proxy forms etc.

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        I believe you can just show up with your POA and act on her behalf. It may be better to be registered on the strata roll as her agent but I’m not entirely sure what that process might involve, apart from notifying the secretary or strata manager.

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