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    I’m Secretary of the Executive Committee in a small strata plan in the ACT. The Chair of the Executive Committee has made, what I regard as, defamatory accusations about me in materials distributed before the Feb EC meeting and also at the meeting. The meeting was recorded with everyone’s permission.  The recording was used to prepare detailed minutes and these minutes contain some of the allegedly defamatory statements.

    25% of all owners have signed a Meeting Request to the EC to hold a General Meeting to examine whether the existing accusations and future accusations will be tested against the evidence or whether accusations live only in the jungle of public opinion. Clearly, I was easily outplayed by my accuser.

    I would like to record the General Meeting as a way to ensure that the minutes are complete and to try to ensure that people only say things that they are prepared to live with. I also fear that I will be subject to a “kangaroo court” grilling at the GM.

    A Concerns Notice has been given to the Chair and it is likely that the allegedly defamatory statements will be tested against the evidence in ACAT.

    How can I best try to ensure the meeting is recorded to ensure accurate and complete minutes?
    I am also practicing my shorthand skills.

    Walking in the wood is much easier than dealing with an opposing tribe,

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