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    We are soon to enter our last 14 days of our lease, our agent is pushing to have open homes ASAP – I have said that we will adhere to the contract and leave it for the last 14 days.

    Now, they have emailed me to notify about the upcoming inspections. So far they have scheduled two open houses (wednesday and Saturday), which is not a problem. However, they are also saying that they will be doing private inspections as well, with just 24 hrs notice – there’s one booked for today with 10 people attending.

    They are not willing to negotiate times either, they just emailed times and days, with inspections running for longer than 15 min (my understanding is that this is the normal length).

    I am worried because I am in exam season, and have a few exams booked for the next two weeks, which I need to have the camera on (not to mention the inconvenience).

    I am in NSW and it is the first time I have encountered this, as our las RE was completely different.

    Thank you.


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    Have a look at this Fact Sheet from the Tenants Union. It says that you must allow a “reasonable” number of inspections in the last 14 days of the tenancy.  There is no definition of “reasonable” but you can apply to NCAT for a ruling that these extra inspections are unreasonable.

    Bringing ten people through is not a private viewing.  Maybe you could hang around and warn the prospective tenants about the “terrible neighbours next door” and tell the rental agent you will do this every time unless they pull their heads in.

    If you do go down the NCAT route, you can apply online for orders under Section 61(1) “An order specifying or limited the days and times, and purposes for which, entry to the residential premises by a landlord or other person is authorised.”  

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