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      Hi all. I’ve recently joined a share house on the second story of a three story apartment in Melbourne. The guy on the third story has a key to the rooftop but we don’t. I’ve asked him for access but he is non responsive. He has done the whole rooftop up like it is his own. Do we on the second floor have legal rights to access the rooftop?

      Any advice would be much appreciated.



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      David Ng

        So does he own it? Or is it community property?

        Maybe just follow him up there one day? It would take a bit of work but may be worth it.

        Does the person (people) residing on the first floor know more?

        Or Google the address and see if the plan for the third floor apartment is on line. If it shows the rooftop as part of apartment then you’ll have the answer.

        Good luck and I hope you get to the roof.

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