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    Ross Anderson

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    Do you have any views on the level of resourcing provided to the new Commissioner? No point giving someone a job if they don’t give them enough resources to do it properly. ( I learnt this on Yes Minister.)

    Up in QLD, the BCCM Office has a grand total of 30 Full-Time-Equivalents (FTE) to look after more than 1,000,000 owners/occupiers in more than 500,000 units across more than 50,000 strata schemes. The raw figure of 30 FTEs doesn’t mean much out of context, but it is telling that there has been no increase in staffing levels for at least 7 years – even though we’ve seen a dramatic increase in strata numbers over that same period.

    By way of contrast, the QLD govt provides 45 FTE to look after our new Governor Dr Jeannette Young (who was our Chief Health Officer until last week.) Go figure…

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