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      There used to be a general principle in strata that even if your old balcony balustrades weren’t up to current standards, you didn’t need to fix them
      [See the full post at: Saving lives not levies on old balcony balustrades]

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        I wonder what owners corporation responsibility is when they are part of lot property? We have lovely old style iron balustrades which are lot property and probably not safe, but can be made safe (I have netting on mine to keep my cats safe and keep out pigeons, and a drunk person would also bounce off  and not go over the edge). You could add glass panels which would look better. An OC could still promote and encourage making railings safe.


          Hi Jimmy, where are we up to re illegal height balustrades? Can just one owner get their balustrades up to current BCA standards or does it have to be all owners?

          My balustrade is 850mm high with a 10mm gap (foothold) 350mm from the balcony floor. It frightens the you know what out of tradies and friends who come visiting.

          Some illegal height balustrades have been replaced; some are 900mm.

          FlatChat doesn’t allow for photos does it?

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