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      There were a lot of questions that remained following the devastating report on ABC TV into allegations that strata management giant Netstrata had sid
      [See the full post at: SCA-NSW launches post Netstrata investigation]

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        I think one of the more egregious problems with professional strata management is the lack of professionalism. If you  go to hospital to have an operation you would hope that an experienced surgeon does the work, and not a 1st year medical student. I think one of the first things that any self investigation should cover is what level of qualifications employees of big management companies have.

        For instance, what is the point of a manager claiming in an email that he doesn’t receive any hidden commissions? It’s not that guy who I care about. It’s whether the company that employs him is conflicted.

        The fact that the aforementioned manager still has not provided a proper updated strata roll to our secretary is abominable. That he clearly hasn’t read what strata law states is unforgivable. I had to walk our secretary through the NSW gov web page pertaining to strata rolls to show him that he needed to believe his own eyes and not what he was being told by this guy…

        An investigation is nice. But frankly, all they need to do is to tell all their members that in a world where anyone can easily access information, it might be a good idea for Strata Management Companies to read what the NSW Gov website says about basic things such as access to strata rolls. It would be a start!

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