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      If Building Commissioner David Chandler needed validation for supersizing his department from 40 to 400 defects detectors, it didn’t take long to arri
      [See the full post at: Serious defects in half of NSW strata buildings]

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        Not being a builder I can only go on what I have heard about the defects problem.  But I strongly suspect that the privatisation of Building Inspectors who issue approval certificates or similar coincided with the downturn in quality buildings and escalated from there. More failed privatisation policies!

        One assumes these new inspectors will face the wrath of ICAC if they are Public Servants and are found gilding the lily so to speak.  Let’s face it, Developers are necessary to build what needs to be built but that doesn’t mean they have to accept shoddy workmanship from their sub contractors, the winner of course is probably always the lowest bidder!

        Good luck to the new system, one just has to look at Mascot Towers to see how badly the system has done in the past and feel so much for the poor buyers.  The government MUST fix that problem, a NSW Government was in charge when it happened.  For God’s sake the Federal Government just offered an apology to Thalidomide affected people for what happened forty years ago   The Government wasn’t aware enough of the problem and allowed it to continue.  So the same formula should work with Mascot Towers et al.  I do not diminish the suffering of the Thalidomide victims in anyway but I can see a parallel for government responsibility.

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