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    I live on the top floor of my block and have a downstairs neighbor who has complained about the following:

    My cats using the kitty litter try in my bathroom at night (I moved it)

    I am a shift worker at a hospital, commencing at 5am three days a week. She complains my shower before work wakes her up. She even recorded me in the shower and sent that to me which I feel is a real violation of my privacy.

    She asked me to put a rubber mat on the floor of the shower and complains when I remove the mat as the suction makes a noise

    She doesn’t want me to flush my toilet at night.

    She has also complained to the Strata about me walking on my floorboards.

    I have lived here for ten years and there has never been a problem in the past. She no longer works and is a light sleeper. However, I have to work and prefer a shower I’m the morning.

    I am feeling quite harassed and struggle with anxiety. I think I have complied as much as possible but she just finds something else to complain about. As neighbors, we have always got on reasonably well but I no longer want to reply to her messages.

    I have informed the Strata Manager who receives numerous complaints from her weekly about neighbors watching tv, parking, using fans in laundry, etc

    Do I just ignore her and live my life? My home should be my sanctuary.

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