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      My boyfriend and I have moved into a new apartment building with a Strata Manager that was appointed by the original developer before the strata plan was registered. We were one of the first occupants to move in in July this year and a strata committee still hasn’t been appointed. When things have gone wrong over the last 6 months, we along with only a few others have been the only ones to notify the Strata Manager.
      Last week, we received notice of the AGM the day after it was meant to be held. Because of this, no one turned up and the AGM has been adjourned till late Jan 2020.
      However, yesterday the Strata Manager sent my boyfriend and I their Strata Management Agency Agreement for a 3 year period asking us to sign it.
      We don’t want to sign because a) we don’t want to be held liable for anything b) a Strata Committee hasn’t been formed so we don’t think this is our personal responsibility and c) us and some of the residents aren’t happy with the Strata Manager.
      I’m looking for some advice if the Strata Manager can ask us to sign the Agreement in our personal capacity before a Strata Committee is even appointed?

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