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    Is there alternative to NCAT for the following issues? Mediation was refused by the owners corporation
    Have a vacant apartment in a block of 18. Some time ago a Special levy to replace all windows was raised and paid. I questioned that balcony windows and doors where lot property as the block was registered Pre 1974, this did not go down well. 16 out of 18 apartments had common property windows replaced and I had no communication before during or since regarding replacement or refund which I have requested.

    The block is a mixture of timber and aluminium windows and doors as many owners did not replace balcony windows and doors.
    The strata manager has charged legal costs with no orders from a court. Have several ledgers that contradict. One minute the charge is there, then it disappears then it is back. I send a remittance with every payment of levies to state what the payment is for. The strata agent ignores and applies monies to late fees, interest and all sorts of invalid charges. This is compounding.
    Finally I did not receive notice of the 2019 AGM which should have been held in late June or July. Levies are soon due for the period Sept-Nov2019 and I have requested but not receive any communication from the strata managers.
    Is there an alternative to NCAT after reading the toothless tiger and many other stories of unhappy outcomes?
    If NCAT is the only option can it be done remotely? I am a pensioner with mobility issues.

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