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    I am in Canberra and wanted to get peoples’ views on what may be something dodgy being done by a strata manager. The strata manager was made aware of some structural issues within a unit complex and proceeded to insist that a specific company (who doesn’t appear to have much of an online footprint) be given the subsequent work to complete, against the owners specific wishes not to use that company.

    Owners then had to pay thousands upon thousands of dollars towards this work but are not being provided with any information or transparency about what is being done with their money, despite questions being asked.

    Recently, someone mentioned that the same strata manager and the same company are claiming that another unit complex needs huge amounts of work done to it (costing them a fortune) and that the work will be done by the same said company. The owners apparently are doubtful that the damage is as bad as the strata manager says it is and are dealing with the same lack of transparency and overall shadiness.

    What is going on here – is this a rort? What action can owners take to protect themselves, their property and their money?

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