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    I have the same experience in my building. A male resident constantly has me under surveillance.  He waits on the stairs when I come home, stands outside my front door looking in, just ‘happens’ to come along and be in the entrance to the building etc.

    I reported it all to the police but to no avail as he hasn’t broken any laws.  I was advised by my Solicitor to put up cameras to catch his behaviour on camera. He reported me to the police for peodophilia and I was ordered to remove the cameras by police. He even took me to court to try and have me prosecuted for pedophilia.  I won, and the case was dismissed by a judge as utter nonsense.

    This guy happens to be a non practicing lawyer and knows how to manipulate the system.

    It seems that when your a victim, you are just that, until you end up mamed or dead.

    Authorities don’t help, you either have to put up with it or move.

    Cause if you retaliate you then become the criminal.


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)