Roundup: Good Morning, Vietnam


What has Vietnam got to do with strata in NSW?  Ummm … not a lot.  No … wait … the first person to buy a unit in Saigon under the new relaxed foreign ownership rules was an Aussie from Sydney.

And modern high-rise apartments cost about a tenth of what they do here. Also, apparently, Vietnamese apartments are built according to Australian Building Codes. (Ah, well, can’t have everything).

But there is another connection.  Yours truly!  I will be leading a tour of Vietnam later this year which I’m calling the Readers, Writers and Bloggers Tour.

We’re going to visit some of my favourite places in one of my favourite countries, see some amazing things, eat some incredible food and talk about books, blogs and anything else that inspires us.

And, yes, what the Hell, we’ll even visit a modern apartment complex in Saigon (if anybody really wants to).

Click on my travel website and you can find out all about it.

Meanwhile, the long weekend has had the Flat Chat faithful hunched over their keyboards, and we have another swathe of questions and answers for your entertainment and enlightenment.

What can you do about a 40-year-old by-law giving taking common property car-parking from some few residents and giving it to a fortunate few?  That’s HERE.

Who pays when damage to common property is worsened because the fault wasn’t reported? That’s HERE.

Can an owner authorise repairs when the EC is too slow to act?  That’s HERE.

What do you do when a strata manager ignores the EC’s instructions?  That’s HERE.

Who pays when a retaining wall is crumbling … and so are relations between neighbours.  That’s HERE.

And finally, Flat Chat’s advice puts a dopey developer back in his box.  That’s HERE.

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