From the Forum: fire regs, air cons and limits on tenant numbers


Particularly at this time when half the country seems to be going uip in flames, fire safety seems to be more relevant than ever.

So imagine you are in a relatively new block, it’s all been signed off and approved then a new council fire safety inspector has a look around and says the place is basically a fire trap.

The fire doors are fitted wrong, the integrated alarms aren’t connected, the fire dampers don’t exist, and the two year warranty for non-major defects has expired.

What do you do? Well, we have an answer that should calm a few fears.

But, really, whoever signed off on this should be in handcuffs already. You can’t wait for a fatal fire to punish these cowboys.

Send them straight to jail, do not pass Go and don’t collect whatever kickbacks you get from the developer for signing off on their death-trap buildings.

Anyway, that question and answer are HERE.

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As ever, there are a lot more questions and answers on the Flat Chat Forum.  Click in, log on and fire away!

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