From the Forum: is your strata manager way too laid back?


There are some committees and strata managers that are just too laid back for their own – and their owners’ – good.

How many warning notices do you send out before you issue a Notice To Comply?

Is it enough to say such and such a neighbour has a problem with your smoking, without doing anything about a clear breach of the by-laws?

Is the desire not to cause a fuss, more important than the responsibility to enforce your own rules?  We answer that HERE.

Also in this week’s Forum:

  • When revenge over winning a strata fight takes the form of a $10,000 renovation bond. That’s HERE.
  • What can we do when we discover our rental agent hasn’t registered us with the strata (as the law demands)? That’s HERE.
  • Do we need to pursue a struggling family over mounting levies debts? That’s HERE.

And don’t forget there are lots of updates on the topics you’ve been following on the Forum for the past few weeks.

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