Forum: Sub-committees subterfuge and secrets


Imagine, you are sitting in on a strata committee meeting, unable to speak, and the chair gets to an agenda item that says something vague like “Parking Sub-committee”.

The chair then says “the parking sub-committee has agreed to allow the exclusive use of visitor parking for committee members’ cars – all those in favour?”

The committee votes unanimously to members’ advantage and the chair moves on to the next item.  You sit stewing in silence, consoling yourself with the thought that other owners will be up in arms when they read it in the minutes.

But then all that appears in the minutes is a line item saying that the committee agreed unanimously to a parking sub-committee proposal regarding visitor parking.

Could this possibly happen?  Yes, indeed.  It’s not strictly legal and it could certainly be challenged at a tribunal, but it’s not strictly illegal either. 

The item has been put on the agenda and the vote has been recorded in the minutes. The problem is that the intent has been obscured and the discussions hidden behind closed doors.

Sub-committees can be a valuable resource for strata committees.  They expand the knowledge pool of the committee and introduce would-be committee members to the workings of the scheme.

But, because they require neither agendas nor minutes, they can also be a smokescreen for the nefarious deeds of self-interested committee members.  A simple way to prevent that is outlined HERE.

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