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QUESTION:  I’ve just been sent a form from the building where I have a rental property, demanding all sorts of private information such as my home address and phone number in a so-called “audit” of security keys.  This is an intrusion into my privacy.  Do I have to fill it in?  Can they refuse to give me keys if I don’t? – Bookman, Zetland.

ANSWER:  I reckon having someone wandering around your building with keys that don’t belong to them is a bigger potential intrusion into your or your tenant’s privacy.

Missing security keys that allow access to car parks, common property and lifts are the biggest potential hole in any building’s security.  Regular audits are the best way to flush out keys that have gone astray.

Former tenants and owners are often happy to pass on security keys to friends who may, for instance, need a car park in the area.

Fill in the forms and do your bit to keep the building secure. And, yes, if it’s in the by-laws, they can refuse to hand over the keys.  If you are concerned about your information being kept private, call your strata manager and talk to them.

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