Roundup – Row over Airbnb code of conduct


Don’t hold out too much hope for a short-term holiday letting code of conduct that’s actually going to help you keep the peace when Airbnb, Stayz and all the other online holiday letting agencies get free rein in blocks that don’t have anti-short term holiday letting by-laws.

It seems the committee considering the code for the NSW government could use a code of conduct itself.  According to reports we’ve heard, the committee has more than 15 representatives from professional and corporate “stakeholders” in the industry … and one from strata residents.

We know this because when the Owners Corporation Network dared to send a second delegate representing strata residents, one of the holiday letting agencies started whining that they had only been allowed to have one representative

Obviously, the pro-STHL lobby couldn’t cope with odds of 7 to one in their favour, so the second OCN rep was asked to leave. To be fair, the Innovation and Better Regulation department (aka Fair Trading) were uncomfortable with this bullying and so came up with a brilliant solution – any group that feels they should have two delegates at the next meeting can send an extra one.

They’re going to need a bigger room.  What are the chances that next time round, it will be 30 to 2, rather than 15 to 1?

Oh, and by the way, you can forget any prospect of there being a register of short-term lets in NSW, despite the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) report out this week that says a register is the only realistic way to police what few controls there are.

The government doesn’t want to have to pay for it, the “industry” doesn’t want that kind of reality check on their dubious practises and, as we know, strata residents don’t matter.

Meanwhile, in the real world, we get on with sorting things out ourselves and, if we can’t do that, writing to the Flat Chat Forum.

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