Savvy strata seminar to answer burning questions

This event has now been cancelled – tickets will be refunded.

Good news for those of you who have been hanging out for Flat Chat Live, it’s not exactly the whole FCL extravaganza, but the Owners Corporation Network has asked me to MC their all-day Savvy Strata seminar next month.

They say will be a “lively, interactive, full-day event” which will help you to make the most of your building – and therefore maximise your investment, whether it’s as a resident-owner or landlord.

Sessions will feature speakers from building consultants MBMLongitude Insurance and  VoIPFORCE, Telstra’s partner for new NBN lift emergency lines.

VoiPFORCE will make sure you can still talk to the world when your lift breaks down. And help you to avoid being ripped off by service providers who might hold you to ransom when the copper wire phones are cut off to allow for NBN.

There will, of course, also be informal networking sessions over the coffee breaks and lunch.

And there is a surprise addition to the program – it’s a surprise to the organisers because I just thought of it – we are also going to talk about the two hottest issues in strata right now: Short-term Holiday Rentals and inflammable cladding.

There! It might not be on the agenda but I’m going to be asking your questions, whether they want me to or not.  We have insurance people and building consultants and campaigners from Our Strata, Our Choice there anyway – we might not get this chance again.

So, if I haven’t been sacked from the gig for trying to hijack it with my own agenda, I will see you on Saturday, October 14 at UNSW CBD Campus, 1 O’Connell Street, Sydney (in the city not out at Randwick) from 9.15am – 4pm ( registration opens at 8.45am).

Tickets including lunch and refreshments are $55.00 for OCN members and $82.50 for non-members.

Go to the OCN website for full details (apart from the bit I just added without asking them first).


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