Video and webinars reveal smart buyers’ secrets


It’s the biggest purchase and therefore the biggest gamble that  most of us will make in our lives … buying a home.

And the element of chance seems to take on even greater significance when you are dealing with apartments.

The stories of defective units and defaulting developers are not just the stuff of nightmares – they are very real and potentially devastating issues for some unlucky home buyers.

So what are the pitfalls and how do you avoid them. Long-time Flat Chat sponsors Strata Answers, as part of the Strata Skills 101 program with City of Sydney,  have produced a video to take you through all the checks and balances you need to consider when buying a unit.

You can see the Buying an apartment video by clicking on this link or the ad on this page.

Backing up this information, they have recruited a couple of the presenters to appear in live webinars  where they will answer questions emailed to Strata Skills 101 or posted on their website.

The first of the free webinars is on Wednesday, August 25 at 12 noon, and will feature James Moir, a defects lawyer with Madison Marcus (click here to register).

Two days later on Friday, August 27, again at 12 noon,  Allison McKnight of Strata Property Inspections will answer your questions about what to look out for when buying a unit (click here to register) .

You can watch the video and post your questions via links at the Strata Skills 101 website.

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