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      Large Strata Plan with literally hundreds of acres of common property.

      AGM just decided the following:
      RESOLVED that $25,000 be raised to carry out landcare-specific projects including tree planting, bush regeneration activities, and the hire of contractors and work teams for weeding and maintenance of targeted sites.

      Maintenance and repair is ubiquitous, i.e. it applies to all the common property, not just targeted sites so i don’t think this spend can be deemed maintenance. The OC has in correspondence called this activity maintenance.

      Bush regeneration? If this is “bush regeneration” then does requiring regeneration represent a defect in the strata plan? Asking because if it is a defect then it applies to literally hundreds of acres.

      I remind the readers that the OC has “for the benefit of owners” the management and control of the common property. Does this motion go beyond maintenance and repair, does it go beyond what the OC at a general meeting has authority to authorize?

      I am only asking because this seemingly luxury (woke) item in our annual budget is sending some owners to the wall financially. Total levied since the rise of this line item several years ago is close to $150,000 (and not a lot to show for it)

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