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      How do apartments get assistance to convert to solar power? It seems to me that we are being left out of the energy transformation policy, while houses are subsidised.

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        Which state?


          I agree, I’m in NSW, in Parramatta LGA and would love some advice or assistance on how we can install solar. We have huge increases in running costs resulting in higher levies so its doubtful we can make a case for this, but if we can see ROI and decrease in costs (plus the added feel good factor) then we have a chance. I see rebates and assistance for houses and businesses but nothing for Strata schemes. Considering its a huge growth area (building apartments) it would be really great for any assistance in helping buildings make improvements in sustainability.


            A good place to start would be our friends at Wattblock who help owners corps to do exactly what you want and with other advice such as how to save energy in the first place.

            You might also contact the Owners Corporation Network where you are pretty much guaranteed to find other  owners who have faced similar issues – and then you can campaign to get things improved.


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          Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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