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    An owner occupier on the committee wanted to sell and organised for the Owners Corporation to repaint the car park boundary areas each of which are on the owners titles. Her area was painted incorrectly to her advantage leading to one [adjacent] area being nearly 1 foot narrower than that on the title. That owners new car was dented in a number of places by an adjacent car:-

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    The Owners Corporation manager emailed that this didn’t matter as the correct measurements were on the title.

    A correctly positioned “T” was painted to indicate the corner of the sellers car parking space and the seller and Owner Corporation manager hired a steam cleaning contractor to remove this correctly positioned marking and the remaining owners paid for this. What a disgrace.
    The Owners Corporation manager was instructed to inform the agent handling the sale to advise the buyer of this error and she did nothing.
    This issue is relatively small change cost when divided by the 12 owners but it’s very annoying none-the-less but it’s a ‘today’ problem that needs rectifying. The car park markings are still incorrect after a decade.
    I have used Gmail since 2005 and have kept all important emails. Using the internal Gmail/Google search engine I can find all the emails containing say the 3 words “car park markings” and up come the 211 emails containing those 3 words all on this same issue dating back over 10 years.

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    Vigilante space marking isn’t going to do it, clearly.   You really need to get Consumer Affairs Victoria and if necessary VCAT involved to order the owners corp to paint the spaces according to the original strata plan.

    There are, believe it or not, Australian standard minimum space requirements for car parking, so you will that to back you up too.

    The minimum is 2.5 metres wide (or more depending on the clearance of the driveway). Have a look at this handy guide from a council in Sydney.

    If the strata manager has advised the owners corp incorrectly, they should pay for the repainting of the lines.

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