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    A committee (in actual fact, one person ) has decided that switching the central air conditioning plant off is a great way to save money.    A ‘survey” was conducted.  Results not disclosed.  The committee met (one person present )who alleges all in favour by “post” .   Spring was declared a season where air con was not needed and on 1 September off the air con went!!   An application for mediation has gone in.   But the “chair” will refuse mediation as has happened in the past leaving owners who’d like to be warm and/or make their own choices about this left with having to fund NCAT.


    What to do?


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    Two questions.

    You have posted in a Victoria sub-forum.  Why are you referring to NCAT (it’s VCAT in Vic)?

    Secondly, how did you end up with a one-person committee?  That’s where your problems begin and end.

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