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      Our Strata is in NSW. Our SC wants to issue pre-loaded Debit Cards to SC Members with a limit of $5,000 so that they can spend for Strata expenses. Earlier Committee used to spend and claim reimbursement. How do we / the Strata Manager control / monitor expenses especially after they cease to be SC Members and don’t submit receipts ?

      Also can the SC reimburse a SC Member for replacement of a 16 year old AC equipment on the common roof, months after the expense was incurred when the previous SC declined the request, above his unit allegedly spoiled by Strata workers with no proof  ?

      Can we insist this must be only approved at an AGM ?

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        Do you really want an unspecified number of people wandering around with OC funds, to spend at will? How many members involved; what would be the total of these funds?

        Possibly, you could issue members with credit cards linked back to the OC bank account, with a limit set on individual transactions. The cards would have to be in the individual holder’s name. Any expenditure would be readily visible to your treasurer, and the card can be cancelled or restricted as necessary.

        Talk to your bank about options.


          I would have thought that any claim by an owner to the OC would require evidence that say an expense was incurred by the owner to repair or replace an item or that damage to that owner’s premises or assets was sustained. This is because such evidence is needed to justify a claim.

          The fact that an earlier committee declined the request could be based on fact, i.e. there was no satisfactory evidence or there was no direct link between that which was repaired or replaced and the lot owner; or it was based on fiction (i.e. internal politics)

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