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      One of the lot owners in our small building has been renovating without permission.  The lot owner mentioned that they have moved plumbing around.  They are repeat offenders – I guess they prefer to ask for forgiveness than permission.  The risk is that we tell them to put everything back the way it was – but we’re not inclined to do that unless it turns out that they have been using unqualified tradespeople.

      And so we need to get a by-law in place (mid-reno) to check who is doing the work (qualifications etc) and to document what they have done and ensure they and any future owner of that lot takes responsibility for the performance of the new waterproofing and plumbing into the future.

      I understand that the lot owner will have to pay for the by-law to be prepared.  However, chasing down details, arranging a lawyer to draw it up etc will incur fees from our strata manager.  Who pays those fees?  Can we ask that the lot owner covers all costs associated with developing the by-law, including the fees levied by the strata manager?


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        If this by-law is being prepared solely so that one owner can renovate their apartment, then they should carry all the related costs.  However, it sounds like you need a by-law that would also cover future renovations so perhaps the costs might be shared.

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