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    Most building manager come from cleaning company. They are not capable to manage critical equipment of the building and achieve building improvement. They are passing the parcel. Strata manager even worse.

    Even the committee member, they are not professional as well. EC member make decision based on common sense. They always ask 3 quotations for one job and quite often they choose the cheapest one.

    Pass the parcel does’t solve the problem. Our building start to try smart building solution. Based on the real time monitoring data of lights, pump, garage door, electricity usage of each circuit, with professional opinion from fire contractor, electrician, plumber, we can make right decision.

    If the building manager have proper knowledge, with proper data, it is possible to pay building manager work 10 hours per week for 100 units building. The hourly rate could be $65 per hour.

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    Building management is one of the last largely unregulated areas of strata, not least where individuals with not training or experience can be awarded 10-year contracts based on nothing more than a claim that this is “standard practice”.  Expect this to be tidied up in the next review of strata laws.

    Meanswhile, you and your committee are ntitled to go to the building manager’s bosses and tell them what you expect from their employees.  Also, if they aren’t even doing what was agreed when you hired them, that is a breach of contract and could be grounds for having the contract rescinded.

    In short, building management is one of those areas of strata where the squeaky wheels get the most oil.  Talk to the parent company and tell them exactly what you want.  If they aren’t interested in providing that service, start looking at ways of getting out of the contract.

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