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    Hi all,

    I am about to lodge an application for a kitchen renovation (full demo, all appliances/water plumbing stays in the same place with the exception of the gas cooktop and electric oven which is being moved to the other side of the kitchen).

    Our By-Laws state a kitchen reno is a Minor Renovation and only becomes a Major Renovation if there is “relocation of any plumbing to a Lot”.

    I’m trying to work out the definition of “relocation” in this context.  If my design required chasing into the wall or ceiling to run a new gas pipe to the proposed site, it makes sense that my design would be considered a Major Renovation.

    However, my licensed gasfitter has had a look at the plans and he said there is no need to chase into common property, he will be altering/extending the current gas piping and run it under the new cabinets to connect it to the new cooktop.

    What are your thoughts please?  I’d prefer not to have to go through a Major Renovation application and by-law if not required.  Strata Lawyers comments welcomed also, as my Strata Manager is pretty friendly with our old fashioned and difficult-to-deal-with Chairman.

    Thank you

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    You own all the plumbing within your lot. Any plumbing in the floor or external walls is common property.

    The OC would be concerned with changes to plumbing in common property.

    I think you are safe.

    This is an example of a badly worded bylaw ( it can be read ambiguously).



    I would avoid using any reference to relocating the piping and instead refer to “extending the connection”. That way you are not changing the plumbing. You might even add that the existing plumbing will not be affected and that this will only be an external connection.

    BTW, having recently read a report about the effect of internal gas burners on general health, especially of children, and with the environment in mind, I will be going for an electrical induction stovetop in my next kitchen reno.  May be worth considering before you commit.


    Thank you kaindub and Jimmy-T.  Your responses make sense.  Let’s hope the Strata Committee see it that way!

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