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    A reader has complained  that their Strata Committee and managing agent in Victoria won’t pass on their position paper to other owners with regards to a dispute with the committee.  They have also refused to provide them with other owners’ email addresses, saying they are not part of the register (although they are part of the records).

    I know that in NSW (and believe in Qld), email addresses of other owners should be provided to owners on request.  Does anyone have any record of this having been established in Victoria?

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    I’ll have a go at an answer but it’s a bit of a grey area.

    It’s true that owner email addresses and phone numbers are not compulsory.  Under s.134 of the Owners Corporations Act 2006, lot owners need only supply a name and an address.   And s.147 to s.150 (Owners Corporation Register) states that’s all that an OC need to keep and supply when requested.

    But many owners are happy to supply more contact information including an email address and a phone number.  But there’s no such thing as a Strata Roll in the OC Act.  There’s only the Owners Corporation Register.   So while this extra contact information might be kept somewhere, there’s no requirement for an OC to do that or supply it when requested under s.150.

    However it’s likely a requesting owner could find the extra contact information under s.146 (availability of records) if they were prepared to inspect the OC records.   Because all OC correspondence should be there.   It might not be in any neat form, like a Strata Roll, but it should be there somewhere.

    It’s really just Strata Managers being difficult.  They might create their own Strata Roll with the extra contact information but some consider that to be theirs, not the OCs.





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