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    Sydney block of 12 units. Built 1981.

    Along with many other forum members, we had a fire safety report with several pages of defects by the same company that has been doing our fire safety certificates for at least 10 years.

    The defects included lack of frame tags, space between door and door stop greater that 5mm and various other defects relating to the fire doors (which have asbestos cores). Ultimately we had to have 6 doors replaced and our SM told us we should accept the quote from the fire company rather than get quotes from other companies. Yes – you know where this is going.

    Doors still have gap of more than 5mm, door and frame tags have incorrect information. (eg. frame tag says manufactured 2021!!!) I have contacted our Council to get documentation concerning the construction. With respect to the doors that do not comply with AS1905.1:2015, the fire company said they will pass them and certify them. They also have no knowledge of s.6 of the Standard which covers marking and documentation. So none of the hardware is engraved and we have not received certificates or a manual required under this section.

    This to my mind is fraudulent behaviour. Is there somebody we can report this behaviour to?  We will be changing fire companies, and they are sure to reject the fire doors that don’t comply.

    How do we get the fire company to rectify the works when they are prepared to just certify them as being compliant? Is this something that NCAT handles, or does it need a solicitor?

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    If the service provider is part of The Australian Fire Protection Association http://www.fpaa.com.au you can report them there, they may investigate or at least assist.

    A building built in 1981 does not have to comply to a Standard from 2015, in this case I believe you have been ill advised. It is advisable to always get a third party opinion before entrusting a service provider



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